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20th Sep 2019, 1:00 AM
Page 96
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melaredblu 20th Sep 2019, 1:00 AM edit delete
Coping mechanisms come in many shapes and forms.


MK_Wizard 20th Sep 2019, 5:18 AM edit delete reply
At the end of the day, it is just music.
melaredblu 23rd Sep 2019, 2:17 PM edit delete reply
True, but some songs can be more than just music to a person.
MK_Wizard 23rd Sep 2019, 2:19 PM edit delete reply
Exactly :) Yes, it is music, but it means different things to different people.
NeilKapit 17th Oct 2019, 10:44 PM edit delete reply
Having fewer options has that effect with media. Though having too many choices of songs to listen to is quite the first world problem...
melaredblu 21st Oct 2019, 10:42 PM edit delete reply
Kids also tend to enjoy viewing/listening to the same thing repeatedly. And in Kurt's case...well, the comic probably won't give the full details, but let's just say the music was also a much-needed comfort during a very difficult ordeal.